2017 Hoosier Classic Select Sale Entries - Hips 1-369
Friday, October 20 & Saturday, October 21

Pedigrees feature Standardbred Canada's TrackIT technology, which provides up to the minute updates on races throughout North America. When viewing pedigrees, all information in pink represents updates since July 31, 2017.

Hip Name Sex Sire Dam Consignor Pedigree Video
1     Rose Run Uriah Colt Jeremes Jet A And G's Finest Martz Creek Farm & Rose Run Farm    
2     Honest Abe Colt Guccio Jesses Nice Girl Homestead Acres    
3     Doc's Swan Song Colt Swan For All Dewey Dally Ruddick Stables, Agent  
4     Natural Ten Gelding Net Ten Eom Design Two Scoot Maple Lane Farm  
5     Always Macho Colt Always A Virgin Abriella Freedom Hill Farms    
6     Aiden Ivy Colt Rockin Image Aislin Hanover Ivy Lane Farm    
7     Frontier Creeda Filly Big Stick Lindy Ab's Extra Credit Sunrise Farm  
8     Sharkster Colt Shadyshark Hanover Artoday Hoosier Standardbred Farm and Fair Meadow Farm  
9     Burro Colt Bluto Ackbro Ms Perfect Pond A Acres    
10     Marley Itis Colt Tellitlikeitis Majors Sweetheart Luckiana Farm  
11     Trottincadillac Filly Pilgrims Chuckie American Wish Hoosier Standardbred Farm, Agent for J.R. Stoll  
12     Swan Wave Colt Swan For All Cannonball Double R Farm    
13     Aglaia Filly Straight Shooting Armbro Nectarine Schwartz Boarding Farm  
14     Tellitlikeitwas Gelding Tellitlikeitis Pembroke Swifty Maple Lane Farm  
15     Rockin Vanessa Filly Rockin Image Armbro Redwood Ruddick Stables, Agent  
16     Pondasmoonlitegirl Filly Big Stick Lindy Asestra Bluestone Pond A Acres & Martz Creek Farm    
17     Blue Clover Filly Hypnotic Blue Chip Cloverallover Schwartz Boarding Farm  
18     Swanerail Gelding Swan For All Aucune Hanover David Wayne Yoder & Daryl Lehman  
19     La Fogata Filly Tellitlikeitis White Jade Legacy Lane Farm  
20     Martini Show Colt Swan For All Barmaid Mast Standardbreds    
21     Custom Sally Filly Mr Cantab Custom Model Hoosier Standardbred Farm and Fair Meadow Farm  
22     Regal Escape Colt Real Desire Beach Escape Ruddick Stables, Agent  
23     Jesmach Victory Filly Rockin Image Vitameatavegamin Straight A Stable, Agent for Harvey Fry  
24     Hypso Filly Hypnotic Blue Chip Say So Martz Creek Farm    
25     Meet The Future Filly Rockin Image BC's Jesse Legacy Lane Farm, Agent for Lyndar Stables  
26     Copper Colt Shadyshark Hanover EJ's Copperstone Ruddick Stables, Agent  
27     Elite Desire Gelding Tellitlikeitis Binding Desire Maple Lane Farm  
28     Silvershoe Express Filly Net Ten Eom Bluebird Ferrari Bluebird Meadows, Agent for Silvershoe Stable    
29     Alphabet Girl Filly Guccio ABC Bay Bee Black Creek Farm & Hickory Hollow Stable  
30     Egregious Colt Guccio Booting Booty Black Creek Farm, Agent for Doug Bruinsma  
31     Rockinbythebeach Filly Rockin Image Antigua Hanover Swiss Boarding Farms LLC  
32     Double A Nitro Colt Swan For All Sinatra Glide Double A Acres  
33     Shady Payton Colt Shadyshark Hanover BJ's Sunrise Pond A Acres & Martz Creek Farm  
34     Skyway Brock Colt Rockin Image Buckle Bunni Slabach Bros. Standardbreds    
35     Skyway Redeemer Colt Swan For All Redeposit Slabach Bros. Standardbreds    
36     Fast Track Colt Tellitlikeitis Maria Elena Cornerstone Stock Farm, Agent  
37     Bracket Buster Colt Rockin Image Blistletoe David Wayne Yoder, Agent for Troyer Stables    
38     Hyp No Show Colt Hypnotic Blue Chip Star Of The Show Double R Farm, Agent    
39     Virgin Storm Colt Always A Virgin Hillcrest Sweetie Luckiana Farm  
40     Mr Caper Colt Guccio Caper Callie Pond A Acres, Agent for Tom Schmucker    
41     Skyway Bacardi Filly Guccio Broadway Line Slabach Bros. Standardbreds    
42     Sea Swan Filly Swan For All Caspian Sea Pond A Acres, Agent    
43     Bumblebz Bliss Filly Mr Cantab Bumblebzannie Rollin Acres  
44     She's A Tell It Filly Tellitlikeitis Celebratininmysoul Walker Standardbreds, Agent  
45     She's A Real Diamond Filly Rockin Image Campanile Hanover Cornerstone Stock Farm, Agent  
46     Skyway Copper Colt Guccio Cerulean Viking Slabach Bros. Standardbreds    
47     Dance N Shut Up OUT Colt Rockin Image Dance In The Wind Cornerstone Stock Farm, Agent  
48     Oneswanwon Colt Swan For All CJ's Susie John Bontrager, Agent for Aron Bontrager  
49     Image Cruising Away Filly Rockin Image Cantankerous Shady Lane Meadows  
50     Beyond The View Filly Hypnotic Blue Chip Armbro View Schwartz Boarding Farm  
51     Florishing Future Colt Guccio Floris Future Legacy Lane Farm, Agent  
52     Skyway Daiquiri Filly Rockin Image Dance Dune Slabach Bros. Standardbreds    
53     Coral Bella Filly Hypnotic Blue Chip Carolstern Luckiana Farm  
54     Dancingthebigmove Filly Shadyshark Hanover Dance Hall Pond A Acres, Agent    
55     Miciah My Man Colt Shadyshark Hanover Cartniverous David Wayne Yoder, Agent for Lloyd Miller  
56     Ruby Can Dance Filly Pilgrims Chuckie Dancesations Hoosier Standardbred Farm, Agent for Ervin Graber & Adrian Raber  
57     Double A Jewell Filly Swan For All Casual Chick Double A Acres  
58     Mclass Colt Bluto Danish Doll Pond A Acres, Agent for Abe Miller    
59     Infinity Stick Filly Big Stick Lindy Armbro Everlasting Black Creek Farm & Hunterton Farms  
60     Always A Shining Star Filly Always A Virgin Bikini Star Victory Hill Farm, Inc.  
61     The Great I Am Colt Rockin Image Miss Lauren Jeff S. Jones    
62     Skyway Dawson Colt Tellitlikeitis Dawgone Fool Slabach Bros. Standardbreds    
63     Salerno Filly Guccio Daylon Mission Black Creek Farm  
64     Swanstotalpackage Colt Swan For All Showpiece Victory Hill Farm, Inc.  
65     Atieshia Filly Guccio Atia Straight A Stable  
66     Dirtylaundry Colt Swan For All CERT K.E.M. Standardbreds  
67     Wanna Roll Colt Major Bombay Devon Creme Chapel Ridge Farm  
68     Cashmere Ivy Filly Aracache Hanover Chimi Hanover Ivy Lane Farm  
69     Swandre The Giant Colt Swan For All Adagio Ruddick Stables, Agent  
70     Rockin Return Filly Rockin Image Christines Return David Wayne Yoder  
71     Rockin Joy Filly Rockin Image Dollys Joy Townline Stables  
72     Bluebird Octane Colt Tellitlikeitis Colette Bluebird Meadows    
73     Topville Snowflake Colt Guccio Shaken Not Stirred Topville Acres    
74     Laura's First Lady Filly Net Ten Eom Cruisin In Pink Rollin Acres, Agent for Michael Schmucker  
75     Pante Vecchio Colt Guccio Dream Big Black Creek Farm, Agent for Hickory Hollow Stable  
76     Woodside Cutie Filly Guccio Cutie Pie Woodside Farm  
77     Cecelia Filly Rockin Image Shesa Bragn Dragon Sunrise Farm  
78     Cash Me Outside Filly Always A Virgin Life Of Delight Cornerstone Stock Farm, Agent  
79     GD Angelina Filly Guccio Dubai Angel Yoder Standardbreds  
80     Body Builder Mouse Colt Swan For All Zumba Mouse Cornerstone Stock Farm, Agent    
81     Always Relentless Colt Always A Virgin Celebrity Ball Rockstar Meadows, Agent for James Graber  
82     Go Crazy Filly Real Desire Dynamic Star David Wayne Yoder  
83     Social Media Star Colt Guccio E Claire Black Creek Farm  
84     Mafundzalow Colt Big Stick Lindy Dandelion Dust Pond A Acres    
85     Z Big Hunter Colt Mr Cantab Big Z Credit Ruddick Stables, Agent  
86     Howbluedoyoumakeme Filly Hypnotic Blue Chip Dark Alley Sally Schwartz Boarding Farm  
87     Grin N Wiggle Filly Rockin Image Can't Quit Smiling Cornerstone Stock Farm  
88     Rockin Five Filly Rockin Image Desert Flower Homestead Acres    
89     Evita's Doll Filly Pilgrims Chuckie Evita DeVie Rollin Acres, Agent for Shirley Slusher  
90     Rockin Around Gelding Rockin Image Adriana G Maple Lane Farm  
91     Frontier Telaphras Colt Tellitlikeitis Faith Leigh Newfound Stables  
92     Meadowbrook Carmen Filly Rockin Image See Life Meadowbrook Farm    
93     Bluebird Fancy Filly Swan For All Fancy The Look Bluebird Meadows    
94     Beach Journey Filly Net Ten Eom Diva Du Jour Maple Lane Farm  
95     Woodside Creation Filly Guccio Faux Fur Hanover Woodside Farm  
96     Seven Forces Colt Guccio Domina Black Creek Farm  
97     Stud Muffin Colt Tellitlikeitis My Heart Was True Walker Standardbreds, Agent  
98     Ponda's Ugo Colt Guccio Dream Act Pond A Acres    
99     Rocken The Show Gelding Rockin Image Carnivalocity Legacy Lane Farm, Agent  
100     Rock Flush Filly Rockin Image DG's Straightflush David Wayne Yoder, Agent for John R. Miller    
101     Good Rockin Colt Rockin Image Do Me Good Victory Hill Farm, Inc., Agent for Engle Equine, LLC  
102     Smooth Accerleration Colt Swan For All Hernameissylvia Victory Hill Farm, Inc.  
103     Tell It Big Filly Tellitlikeitis Miss Big Hanover Freedom Hill Farms    
104     Swans Miss Muffet Filly Swan For All Earls Miss Muffit In Law Stables, Agent  
105     White Hair Rocks Colt Rockin Image Yankee Luck Victory Hill Farm, Inc.  
106     BB's Rockin Image Filly Rockin Image Yankee Pankee BB Victory Hill Farm, Inc.  
107     Bluto's Beauty Filly Bluto Tymal Viva Schmucker Farms LLC  
108     Sephoras Deeann Filly Swan For All Sephora de Vie Oakwood Farms, Agent  
109     unnamed Filly Hypnotic Blue Chip Lil Brookie B Schwartz Boarding Farm  
110     Carribean Cruise Gelding Net Ten Eom Emerald Sky Maple Lane Farm  
111     GD Ms Allie Filly Tellitlikeitis Pot Limit Yoder Standardbreds  
112     Feherty Colt Tellitlikeitis Cambeth Cornerstone Stock Farm, Agent  
113     Lovable Lady Filly Shadyshark Hanover Gin Rickey Chapel Ridge Farm  
114     Meadowbrook Crown Colt Rockin Image Diamond Tiara Meadowbrook Farm    
115     Show Of Strength Colt Big Stick Lindy Glowing Muscles Black Creek Farm  
116     Manofbigdreams Colt Mr Cantab Fillyofbigdreams Hoosier Standardbred Farm and Fair Meadow Farm  
117     Topville Olivia Filly Rockin Image Our Sophia Topville Acres    
118     Blowin Up Ur Phone Filly Bluto Tiffy Chapel Ridge Farm  
119     Go More Rosey Filly Rockin Image Gottogetoutmore Newfound Stables  
120     Freakie Fritzie Gelding Rockin Image Don't Sugar Me In Law Stables, Agent  
121     Primo Extremo Filly Rockin Image Nashville Blues Legacy Lane Farm  
122     Fouroclockrock Filly Rockin Image Audacity Maple Lane Farm  
123     Treasures Desire Filly Real Desire Trinketsntreasures Morrow Lands Farm  
124     Skyway Fusion Filly Swan For All First Avenue Slabach Bros. Standardbreds    
125     Bluebird Shottle Colt Rockin Image Hannas Delight Bluebird Meadows    
126     Flashy Amy Filly Bluto Flash Of Dignity Rockstar Meadows  
127     Fulton Street Colt Always A Virgin Happy Tears Victory Hill Farm, Inc., Agent  
128     Hypo Flip Filly Hypnotic Blue Chip Flip Flop Summer Schwartz Boarding Farm  
129     Haylie Ivy Filly Airzoom Lindy Helium Ivy Lane Farm    
130     Sunburst Itis Colt Tellitlikeitis Fox Valley Backoff Black Creek Farm, Agent for Sunburst Meadows  
131     Ready Set Guccio Colt Guccio Here Comes Annie Black Creek Farm  
132     Forever Foxy Filly Swan For All Fox Valley Click Slabach Bros. Standardbreds, Agent    
133     Just Like Pete Colt Rockin Image GT Miss Royal Victory Hill Farm, Inc.  
134     Daddy's Girl Filly Tellitlikeitis Fox Valley Ivy Homestead Acres, Agent for Diana Wilson    
135     Thebigbadshark Colt Shadyshark Hanover Hope Lane Hanover Hoosier Standardbred Farm and Fair Meadow Farm  
136     Curry Palm Colt Swan For All Fox Valley Poetry Schwartz Boarding Farm  
137     Tellittome Colt Tellitlikeitis Some Cotton Swiss Boarding Farms LLC  
138     Ryder On The Storm Colt Rockin Image Silveresque Victory Hill Farm, Inc., Agent for Marotta Investments LLC  
139     Big R Colt Always A Virgin Fox Valley Praline Freedom Hill Farms    
140     Miss Mile Deal Gelding Net Ten Eom Ideal Miss Maple Lane Farm  
141     Big Bad Swan Colt Swan For All Lasting Beauty Victory Hill Farm, Inc., Agent  
142     Latest Shark Colt Shadyshark Hanover Latest Design In Law Stables    
143     Eugena The Jeep Filly Bluto LaBrea Hanover Ruddick Stables, Agent  
144     Outloud Colt Tellitlikeitis Incredible Kitty Farrier Acres, Agent, Agent  
145     Swan In The Valley Filly Swan For All Foxy Valley Flan Schwartz Boarding Farm  
146     Sallynsand Filly Net Ten Eom Summer N Sand Luckiana Farm  
147     Temple Door Filly Swan For All Temple Of Heaven Oakwood Farms  
148     Water Warrior Colt Always A Virgin A Loskoz Bluegrass Homestead Acres    
149     Virgin Colors Filly Always A Virgin Full Color Camo Maple Lane Farm  
150     MJG Captainchuckie Colt Pilgrims Chuckie Jolie Blue Chip Hoosier Standardbred Farm, Agent for Matt Graber  
151     Woodside Chelsea Filly Guccio Glorydays Hanover Woodside Farm  
152     Skyway Uphoria Filly Guccio Uphoria Hanover Slabach Bros. Standardbreds    
153     Golden Girl Filly Big Stick Lindy Golda Plumsted Black Creek Farm, Agent for Marlin Detweiler  
154     Big Star Show Colt Big Stick Lindy JR's Star Black Creek Farm  
155     Rockin Gordjus Filly Rockin Image Gordjus Bluebird Meadows, Agent for Serenity Stable    
156     Guccies Amigo Colt Guccio Just One Amigo Legacy Lane Farm, Agent  
157     See Swan Fly Filly Swan For All See You At Office Victory Hill Farm, Inc.  
158     Desire Beach Filly Real Desire Keystone Shoreline Yoder Standardbreds  
159     JKNR Like Tell Colt Tellitlikeitis Guarding The Gold Bluebird Meadows, Agent for JKNR Stable    
160     I'm Over The Enjen Filly Major Bombay Imnotasonofabeach Ruddick Stables, Agent  
161     Ponda's Magic Goose Filly Guccio Magic Lindy Pond A Acres    
162     Rockin Medicine Colt Rockin Image Modern Medicine Cornerstone Stock Farm, Agent for Someday Stables LLC  
163     Amplifier Colt Swan For All Ladylike Volo Double R Farm    
164     Stomp N Trump Filly Always A Virgin Lady Luck Killean In Law Stables    
165     Wow Lester Colt Airzoom Lindy Wham Hanover Luckiana Farm  
166     Ladylikeitis Filly Tellitlikeitis Lady Mystique In Law Stables  
167     Floatur Hope Filly Mr Cantab Hope Floats Hoosier Standardbred Farm and Fair Meadow Farm  
168     Italian Ice Colt Guccio Ladyfinger Black Creek Farm  
169     Summer Sis Filly Swan For All It's Your Deal RND Standardbreds  
170     Justatest Colt Senator Hall Leigh Ann John Bontrager  
171     Intrepid Ivy Gelding Always A Virgin Iva Miracle Ivy Lane Farm    
172     Miss Lexie Filly Mr Cantab Lexie Fishman Hoosier Standardbred Farm, Agent for Ervin Graber & Adrian Raber  
173     Hometown Girl Filly Rockin Image Jamie Sue Legacy Lane Farm  
174     Yada Yachta Filly Guccio Evil Cnivel Cornerstone Stock Farm  
175     Allrokedout Filly Rockin Image JNB N Me Shady Lane Meadows  
176     Kent G Colt Guccio Likaty John Bontrager, Agent for Aron Bontrager  
177     Saragon Filly Guccio Just Watch Me Legacy Lane Farm  
178     Love Or Lose It Gelding Tellitlikeitis Savanna's Love Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for David Schwartz  
179     Kasha's Boy Colt Mr Cantab Kasha Hanover Hoosier Standardbred Farm, Agent for Ervin Graber & Adrian Raber  
180     Always A Law Gelding Always A Virgin Lisbellaw Townline Stables  
181     Street Commander Colt Rockin Image Street Dancer Freedom Hill Farms    
182     Lookstraight Filly Straight Shooting Look To The Stars K.E.M. Standardbreds  
183     American Trademark Colt Rockin Image L Dees Lourdes Bluebird Meadows, Agent for Serenity Stable    
184     Sweet Caroline Filly Bluto LW Galie Rachel Chapel Ridge Farm  
185     Koozie Filly Guccio Lady Lois In Law Stables, Agent  
186     Lovestellingonyou Colt Tellitlikeitis Lyons Puddin Pie Luckiana Farm  
187     Full Strut Colt Swan For All Lady Sorro In Law Stables    
188     Maddison Ivy Filly Jeremes Jet Major Surprise Ivy Lane Farm    
189     Swan Before All Colt Swan For All Lady Jane Hall Double R Farm, Agent for Glen Hershberger  
190     No Tellin Secrets Filly Tellitlikeitis Secret Dial Thundermint Farm  
191     Swan Motion Filly Swan For All Many Happy Returns Daniel J. Lengacher  
192     Frita's Queen Filly Shadyshark Hanover Margarita Frita Martz Creek Farm  
193     Chuckies Glider Colt Pilgrims Chuckie Four Starz Glide Hoosier Standardbred Farm, Agent for Lester Marner  
194     Skyway Maisy Filly Guccio Maui Blue Chip Slabach Bros. Standardbreds    
195     Skyway Megatron Filly Always A Virgin Megawatt Blue Chip Slabach Bros. Standardbreds    
196     Majestic Virgin Filly Always A Virgin Fox Valley Tulip Schwartz Boarding Farm  
197     Whykatiewhy Filly Mr Cantab Whybabywhy Hoosier Standardbred Farm  
198     Rose Run Untouched Colt Pilgrims Chuckie Lilyad Martz Creek Farm & Rose Run Farm  
199     Seven Nation Army Colt Guccio Miss Invincible Black Creek Farm  
200     Swan On A Mission Colt Swan For All Lisa's Mission RND Standardbreds  
201     Miss Libby Ivy Filly Always A Virgin Miss Lucy O Ivy Lane Farm    
202     Dry Creek Legs Filly Always A Virgin Lisilicious Pond A Acres, Agent for Steven L. Walden    
203     Best Virg Around Colt Always A Virgin Miss Picasso Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent  
204     Act Naturally Filly Here Comes Herbie Ljanearl Black Creek Farm  
205     Morairtime Filly Airzoom Lindy Moira Hall John Bontrager  
206     Bluebird Cammie Filly Always A Virgin Cam Sunday Bluebird Meadows    
207     Tellitsabb Colt Tellitlikeitis Move On BB Maple Lane Farm  
208     Major Valentine Filly Net Ten Eom Majors Centerfold Maple Lane Farm  
209     GD Striker Colt Guccio Finally Hanover Yoder Standardbreds  
210     Tellitsassymae Filly Tellitlikeitis My Girl Maddie David Wayne Yoder, Agent for Becky Yoder & Kelsey Wagner  
211     Love Of Prayers Filly Guccio Northern Miss Hall Black Creek Farm, Agent for Martin Schmucker  
212     Maple Grove Kelly Colt Swan For All Maple Grove Shaelyn Walker Standardbreds, Agent  
213     Mindyitis Filly Tellitlikeitis Mark's Mindy David Wayne Yoder, Agent for John R. Miller    
214     Sunburst Guccihoni Filly Guccio My Taylor's Ham Black Creek Farm, Agent for Sunburst Meadows  
215     Skyway Ninja Colt Swan For All NF Flyway Slabach Bros. Standardbreds    
216     Big Northern Colt Big Stick Lindy Northern Lady Luck Ditchy 20 Stable  
217     Last Chance Lady Filly Here Comes Herbie Novena Hanover Misty Ridge Stables LLC & Black Creek Farm  
218     Zipline Lady Filly Guccio Matriarch Black Creek Farm, Agent for Martin Schmucker  
219     MJ's Reflection Filly Rockin Image O Lucky Me Schwartz Boarding Farm  
220     Isitlikeitlooks Colt Tellitlikeitis Miss Liz Oakwood Farms  
221     Rich Potential Filly Tellitlikeitis Odds On Anglia Legacy Lane Farm  
222     Always B Niki Filly Always A Virgin Miss Maverick Slabach Bros. Standardbreds, Agent for Mervin J. Miller  
223     Power Play's Chip Colt Power Play Off The Wall Black Creek Farm, Agent for Mark Schwartz  
224     Rainbow Design Colt Tellitlikeitis Miss Sparta In Law Stables    
225     Fabulous Fannie Filly Guccio One Way Or Another Woodside Farm, Agent  
226     Sunset Janelyn Filly Always A Virgin Miss Sweetness Sunset Acres    
227     Perfect Gucc Colt Guccio P L Diamond Luckiana Farm  
228     Topville Miss Indy Filly Guccio Miss Tequila Topville Acres  
229     Bluebird Tempo Filly Rockin Image Ole Miss Bluebird Meadows    
230     Numero Uno Colt Guccio Omnipotent Black Creek Farm, Hickory Hollow Stable & Lester Beechy  
231     Always Her First Colt Rockin Image Musette Mindale Cornerstone Stock Farm  
232     Bluebird Dynamic Colt Rockin Image Love You Always Bluebird Meadows    
233     Iampoppenhotcorn Filly Pilgrims Chuckie Pass The Popcorn Rollin Acres, Agent for Shirley Slusher  
234     Phine By Me Filly Bluto Naked Lyric Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for Ernest Graber  
235     Past The Chip Colt Hypnotic Blue Chip Past The Evidence David Wayne Yoder, Agent for Amos A. Schwartz  
236     Newport Party Filly Rockin Image Fox Valley Monika Legacy Lane Farm  
237     Giustizia Filly Guccio Peace And Justice Ruddick Stables, Agent  
238     Pink Tulip Filly Guccio Northern Daisy Lone Star Stables  
239     Pebble's Boy Rex Gelding Pilgrims Chuckie Pebble Link Rollin Acres, Agent for Shirley Slusher  
240     Tellmemoreabouthim Colt Tellitlikeitis Northern Lei Ann Black Creek Farm, Agent for Martin Schmucker  
241     W H Tenasea Filly Net Ten Eom Peteantnart Willis H. Miller  
242     Sophia Lia Filly Guccio Northern Mystique David Wayne Yoder, Agent for Troyer Stables  
243     Eeyore Colt Shadyshark Hanover Place It Here Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for David Schwartz  
244     Double B Colt Always A Virgin On A Date Ruddick Stables, Agent  
245     Shark Play Colt Shadyshark Hanover Play Good Victory Hill Farm, Inc., Agent for Engle Equine, LLC  
246     Aholelottarockin Filly Rockin Image On Your Feet BB Shady Lane Meadows  
247     GD Jewel's Desire Filly Real Desire Western Whirl Yoder Standardbreds  
248     Annatino Filly Valentino Orphan Annie Rockstar Meadows, Agent for Noah Graber  
249     Alwysasweetvictory Colt Always A Virgin Sweet Electric Victory Hill Farm, Inc.  
250     Fourpeat Gelding Tellitlikeitis Queen Caroline In Law Stables, Agent  
251     Townline ATM Gelding Aracache Hanover Good Morning Gal Townline Stables  
252     Rockin Patsy Filly Rockin Image Patsy's Luck David Wayne Yoder & Daryl Lehman  
253     This Peach Rocks Filly Rockin Image Peachy Yankee Victory Hill Farm, Inc.  
254     Swanderful World Colt Swan For All Peace To The World Black Creek Farm, Agent for Delmar Wagler  
255     Primetime Ginger Filly Pilgrims Chuckie Prime Time Miss Rollin Acres, Agent for Shirley Slusher  
256     Watch This Rock Filly Rockin Image Safta Perry Victory Hill Farm, Inc.  
257     Miss Blanche Filly Guccio Princess Royalty Cornerstone Stock Farm, Agent  
258     Beachchip Gelding Net Ten Eom Arroya Blue Chip Maple Lane Farm  
259     Skyway Quik Desire Colt Real Desire Queen's Place Slabach Bros. Standardbreds    
260     Swan Popper Colt Swan For All Petticoat Affair Ruddick Stables, Agent  
261     Gotwuteverittakes Colt Bluto Raysofgrace De Vie Pond A Acres, Agent for James Hilty    
262     Always Be Tino Colt Valentino Phyleon Rockstar Meadows  
263     Skyway Ballistic Colt Always A Virgin Blazing Blaire Slabach Bros. Standardbreds    
264     Tellmeaboutit Colt Tellitlikeitis Portia Blue Chip In Law Stables    
265     Sugar Strip Filly Pinetucky Ritzie Revenue Hoosier Standardbred Farm, Agent for J.R. Stoll  
266     Precious Reba Filly Hypnotic Blue Chip Presidential Payne Luckiana Farm  
267     Uptown Katie Filly Tellitlikeitis Rock With Delight Walker Standardbreds, Agent  
268     Woodside Chester Colt Guccio Pretty New Woodside Farm  
269     Townline Quickcash Gelding Aracache Hanover Donna's First Shark Townline Stables  
270     Stellar Feller Colt Shadyshark Hanover She's Stella Rollin Acres  
271     It's A Herbie Colt Here Comes Herbie Psychic Image Black Creek Farm  
272     Pure Rock Colt Rockin Image Pure Diamond Homestead Acres, Agent for Dave Yoder  
273     Chuck N Dirt Filly Pilgrims Chuckie Ameronica John Bontrager, Agent for Aron Bontrager  
274     Bouquet Of Flowers Filly Guccio Flower Bouquet Victory Hill Farm, Inc.  
275     Artistic Ruler Colt Guccio Amy Kane Luckiana Farm  
276     Big Bank Hank Colt Always A Virgin Real Lady Katie Cornerstone Stock Farm  
277     Go For Dee Money Filly Swan For All Yankee Dee Schwartz Boarding Farm  
278     Rouge Rocker Filly Rockin Image Red S Black Creek Farm, Agent for Hickory Hollow Stable  
279     Skyway Raider Colt Aracache Hanover Roses For Mom Slabach Bros. Standardbreds    
280     Reviewers Beauty Filly Swan For All Reviewer Oakwood Farms, Agent  
281     Rockin Out West Filly Rockin Image Our May West Victory Hill Farm, Inc.  
282     Rip Rockin Image Filly Rockin Image Rip Rockin Lady Newfound Stables  
283     Mr Ten Gelding Net Ten Eom Lioninthetree Maple Lane Farm  
284     Roshella Luck Filly Hypnotic Blue Chip Rock Me Santilli Luckiana Farm  
285     American Boy Colt Shadyshark Hanover Scruuppti Chapel Ridge Farm  
286     Rockinattheryman Filly Rockin Image Roknrol Bluegrass Black Creek Farm, Agent for Hickory Hollow Stable  
287     Swannitemare Filly Swan For All Mamiesnightmare Shady Lane Meadows  
288     No More Rumours Colt Bluto Rumours Chapel Ridge Farm  
289     Graceful Dance Filly Swan For All Antsy Dancey Double R Farm    
290     Rockin Village Colt Rockin Image Village Joy Victory Hill Farm, Inc.  
291     Rock Solid Image Colt Rockin Image Electric Showcase Victory Hill Farm, Inc.  
292     Been A Pleasure Filly Rockin Image Sand Pleasure In Law Stables    
293     Savannah's Lucy Filly Guccio Seductive Lady Luckiana Farm  
294     LA Rockin Sampson Colt Rockin Image Sapphire Martini Topville Acres, Agent    
295     Meadowbrook Raider Colt Shadyshark Hanover Fanciful Hanover Meadowbrook Farm    
296     Sunday Clothes Colt Rockin Image Sara's Lucky Charm In Law Stables    
297     High On Guccio Colt Guccio Sky High Victory Hill Farm, Inc.  
298     Ponda's El Paso Colt Big Stick Lindy Em El Cash Pond A Acres    
299     Meadowbrook Marie Filly Swan For All Seeking A Dream Meadowbrook Farm    
300     Twin Maple Big Stick Colt Big Stick Lindy Seven Point Maple Lane Farm, Agent for Marlin Graber  
301     Sensible Man Colt Tellitlikeitis Sensuous Girl John Wittmer  
302     Skyway Sellitasis Filly Tellitlikeitis Sheryls Beach Gal Slabach Bros. Standardbreds    
303     Pokemongo Colt Bluto She's A Buckeye Chapel Ridge Farm  
304     Beach Retreat Gelding Net Ten Eom She's A Screamer Maple Lane Farm  
305     Incredible Show Filly Shadyshark Hanover Show Faith Pond A Acres, Agent    
306     Dry Creek Flirt Colt Big Stick Lindy Dry Creek Fling Pond A Acres, Agent for Steven L. Walden    
307     I Love Pears Filly Bluto Broadway N Vine David J. Lengacher  
308     Go Rapid Colt Guccio Rapid Rail Victory Hill Farm, Inc.  
309     Golden Wheel Colt Guccio Free Wheeling Oakwood Farms  
310     Mistaken Gender Colt Rockin Image Tia Maria Hanover Legacy Lane Farm, Agent for Lyndar Stables  
311     KLS Captain Chrome Colt Pinetucky Hamster Dance Hoosier Standardbred Farm, Agent for Kenny Graber  
312     Mr Valentab Colt Mr Cantab SJ's Valentine Hoosier Standardbred Farm and Fair Meadow Farm  
313     Power Like Tell Colt Tellitlikeitis Power Of Presence Victory Hill Farm, Inc.  
314     Sand And Rocks Filly Rockin Image Sand Summer Victory Hill Farm, Inc.  
315     Pleasures Chip Filly Hypnotic Blue Chip Small Pleasures David Wayne Yoder, Agent for Amos A. Schwartz  
316     All Net Colt Net Ten Eom Up Front Sharon Swiss Boarding Farms LLC  
317     W H Smarty's Choice Filly Net Ten Eom Smarty Pans Willis H. Miller  
318     Townline Blue Boy Gelding Bluto Stewardess Townline Stables  
319     Betziesbookinit Filly Rockin Image Blue Starlett Luckiana Farm  
320     Rockin PJ Colt Rockin Image Kieanna's Angel Alvin E. Walther  
321     Letsmakithapncapn Colt Real Desire So Tuffian Ruddick Stables, Agent  
322     Miss Goose Filly Guccio Striking Vintage Pond A Acres    
323     Skyway Stella Filly Hypnotic Blue Chip So Very Happy Slabach Bros. Standardbreds    
324     Timeless Virgin Filly Always A Virgin Timeless Artist Black Creek Farm, Agent for Maumee River Stable  
325     War Bird Colt Big Stick Lindy Special Kay S Black Creek Farm  
326     Abner Ivy Colt Jeremes Jet Top Of The Hour Ivy Lane Farm    
327     Rockstarz Legacy Filly Valentino Sportstown Legacy Rockstar Meadows  
328     Topville Carmen Filly Real Desire Topville Celerity Topville Acres    
329     Pure Maid Filly Always A Virgin Straight Fuel In Law Stables    
330     EL Quickly Filly Guccio Tsarina John Bontrager  
331     Katiehasbeenlimit Filly Guccio Stretch The Limit Dusty Rosa Farm  
332     Tino's Lady Filly Valentino Under Her Spell Rockstar Meadows, Agent for Andrew Graber, Jr.  
333     Blutos Diamond Gelding Bluto Sue's Kitchen Triple Lane Stables  
334     Janies Girl Filly Tellitlikeitis Jackies Gem Luckiana Farm  
335     Kissesforall Filly Swan For All Deliteful Debbie Straight A Stable  
336     Rocky's Reflection Colt Rockin Image Therese Killean Legacy Lane Farm, Agent  
337     Batooch Filly Swan For All Voluptuous Ronda Cornerstone Stock Farm, Agent    
338     Three D Image Filly Rockin Image Three Sparkles RND Standardbreds  
339     Midnight Selfie Filly Shadyshark Hanover Wattaqueen Chapel Ridge Farm  
340     Bluto's Legend Colt Bluto Final Tab Hanover Maple Lane Farm  
341     GD Fireball Filly Net Ten Eom Galaxy Girl Yoder Standardbreds  
342     Tina's Lucky Chip Filly Hypnotic Blue Chip Tina's Joy Pond A Acres, Agent    
343     Saskatoon Filly Always A Virgin Artha Rae Legacy Lane Farm  
344     Rollin Joey Colt Big Stick Lindy Trottingnstriking Maple Lane Farm  
345     Think No Evil Filly Shadyshark Hanover Will Panout In Law Stables  
346     Tinley Ivy Filly Sand Shooter True To Blue Ivy Lane Farm    
347     Gorgeous Ron Colt He's Gorgeous Ron's Blue Angel Schwartz Boarding Farm  
348     Colorful Tryst Colt Photo Color Fox Valley Tryst Schwartz Boarding Farm  
349     Fraulein Filly Always A Virgin Wondering Heart Straight A Stable  
350     All About Roman Colt He's Gorgeous Yankee Vegas In Law Stables    
351     Steppin' Hurry Colt Rockin Image Xtra Desire Newfound Stables  
352     A Hoho Million Filly Net Ten Eom Upfront Heidi Hoho Rockstar Meadows, Agent for Jason Graber  
353     Meadowbrook Flash Colt Real Desire Yankee Icon Meadowbrook Farm    
354     Silver Star Myra Filly Big Stick Lindy McGuffey Lane Silver Star Stable  
355     Celebrate Winning Filly Guccio Celebrity Olympia Victory Hill Farm, Inc.  
356     Mandrianna Filly Guccio Valla's Cowgirl Black Creek Farm, Hickory Hollow Stable & Misty Ridge Farm  
357     Vortex Ivy Filly Jeremes Jet Valley Electric Ivy Lane Farm    
358     Skyway Valerie Filly Net Ten Eom Vegas Date Slabach Bros. Standardbreds    
359     You're So Right Colt Rockin Image Yeahyoureright In Law Stables    
360     Tell Me Likeitis Filly Tellitlikeitis Fox Valley Mickala Victory Hill Farm, Inc.  
361     Always Be With You Filly Guccio Youlneverwalkalone Misty Ridge Stables LLC  
362     Stick To The Plan Colt Big Stick Lindy Wanda Hanover Black Creek Farm  
363     Cotton Ball Filly Shadyshark Hanover Golda Mceir In Law Stables    
364     Sweet Yankee Filly Shadyshark Hanover West Coast Yankee Double R Farm, Agent for Sam Lambright  
365     Jackson Ten Gelding Net Ten Eom Western Miss Maple Lane Farm  
366     Moon Pie Filly Real Desire Western Missy In Law Stables    
367     Shady's Starlight Colt Shadyshark Hanover Western Starlight Chapel Ridge Farm  
368     Seasational Sue Filly Guccio Snipnstar Luckiana Farm  
369     Scwartz Bros Mat Colt Hypnotic Blue Chip When You Smile Homestead Acres, Agent for Amos W. Schwartz