2023 Hoosier Classic Select Sale Entries - Hips 1-415
Friday, October 20: Selling Hips 1-215
Saturday, October 21: Selling Hips 216-415
Each session begins at 10 a.m.

Pedigrees feature Standardbred Canada's TrackIT technology, which provides up to the minute updates on races throughout North America. When viewing pedigrees, all information in pink represents updates since July 31, 2023.

Hip Name Sex Sire Dam Consignor Pedigree Video
1     Blewemby* Filly Don't Let'em R Girls On Fire Legacy Lane Farm, Agent for Equine Acres    
2     Real Help Colt Helpisontheway Real Caviar Wittmer Standardbreds    
3     Reign Of Midnight Filly Capt Midnight Rendevous Hanover Integrity Stables    
4     Fiftyshadesofblu* Colt Fiftydallarbill Skyla Blu Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent, Raised at Price Valley Farm Munfordville, KY    
5     Just Stop It Filly Don't Let'em Ringside Lauryn Black Creek Farm    
6     Really Good Help* Colt Helpisontheway Rocher Kemp Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for Aquillas Stoltzfus    
7     Captivating BB Filly Capt Midnight Rockin BB Chapel Ridge Farm    
8     Skyway Reese Filly Capt Midnight Rockin Reese Slabach Bros Standardbreds    
9     Ponda Aster Filly Don't Let'em Dandelion Dust Pond A Acres    
10     Meadowbrook Amy Filly JK Endofanera Rocksann Meadowbrook Farm    
11     Over Manned OUT Colt JK Endofanera Sand Pleasure In Law Stables
12     Rosesareexpensive Filly Helpisontheway Rosesareexplosive Rangetop Stables    
13     Premier Allaboutme* Filly Pastor Stephen Loyalty Hanover Bluebird Meadows, Agent for Premier Acres    
14     Handsome Character Colt Tellitlikeitis Ruby Delight Freedom Hill Farms    
15     Fifty Dallar Gold* Filly Fiftydallarbill Gold Cora Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent, Raised at Price Valley Farm Munfordville, KY    
16     Safe From Now On Filly Luck Be Withyou Safe From Harm Chapel Ridge Farm    
17     Fair Winds Filly Luck Be Withyou Sail To The Beach Black Creek Farm    
18     Sally's Freak Filly Freaky Feet Pete Sallynsand Luckiana Farm    
19     Dance Captain* Colt Capt Midnight Dance With Me Dee Topville Acres, Agent for Nelson Slabach    
20     Nifty Fifty Filly Fiftydallarbill HP Guccio Girl In Law Stables    
21     GD Rockin Sandy Filly Rockin Image Sand Windsor Yoder Standardbreds    
22     Bluebird Missy Filly Swan For All Sassy Lynnly Bluebird Meadows    
23     Rhyme Thyme Filly Swan For All Saucy Wilt Standardbred    
24     GW Ponda Colt Rockin Image Sayulita Pond A Acres    
25     Sunday Sunshine Filly Check Six Scarlet Freedom Hill Farms    
26     Bluebird Emma Filly JK Endofanera Sealark Hanover Bluebird Meadows    
27     Ponda Blaze Colt Don't Let'em Dream Act Pond A Acres    
28     Silent Breeze Filly Pastor Stephen Seaside Breeze Mast Standardbreds    
29     Manwiththeplan Colt JK Endofanera Secluded Beach Legacy Lane Farm    
30     ANE Secret Speed Colt Pastor Stephen Secret Credit Pond A Acres, Agent    
31     Always A Card Filly Always A Virgin Ms Glitter Sparkles Eden Standardbreds    
32     Meadowbrook Dora Filly You Know You Do See Me Sparkle Meadowbrook Farm    
33     Selfie Time Filly Don't Let'em Selfie Please Rollin Acres    
34     Serenadem Colt Don't Let'em Serena's Serenade Rollin Acres    
35     Bluebird Shiela Filly Helpisontheway My Sweet Shiela Bluebird Meadows    
36     Miz Captain Cruze Filly Capt Midnight Shady Stella Rollin Acres    
37     Night Warrior Colt Rockin Image She Outranks You In Law Stables    
38     Bluebird Marsha Filly Swan For All She's All Magic Bluebird Meadows    
39     Blessed Beginning Filly JK Endofanera She's Glorious In Law Stables    
40     Dover Intoxicated OUT Colt Dover Dan She's Intoxicating Yoder Standardbreds
41     She's Kountry Cool Filly Pastor Stephen She's Kadabra Cool Legacy Lane Farm    
42     Lights On Him Colt JK Endofanera She's Lights Out Swiss Boarding Farms    
43     Bluebird Justintime Filly Don't Let'em She's So Fancy Bluebird Meadows    
44     Mydreamsnplans Filly Capt Midnight Shootoutthelights Shady Lane Meadows    
45     Rosie Filly Rockin Image Sir Lehigh Z Tam Legacy Lane Farm    
46     Rockin Hoosier Filly Rockin Image Skinnydip Hanover Rockstar Meadows    
47     Revin For Dallars* Colt Fiftydallarbill Reverie Deo Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent, Raised at Price Valley Farm Munfordville, KY    
48     Skyway Gigi Filly Swan For All Skyway Jaylo Slabach Bros Standardbreds    
49     McLady Of Hearts Filly Swan For All Myrna Myrna Luckiana Farm    
50     Volander Tilly Filly Pastor Stephen Soho DK Bluebird Meadows, Agent    
51     Jimmy Jackpot Colt Swan For All Flashfire Wilt Standardbred    
52     Surf Scoter Colt Don't Let'em Sound Of Music Mast Standardbreds    
53     Pure Princess Filly Always A Virgin Southern Girl Victory Hill Farm Inc., Agent    
54     Dr Jase T Colt Swan For All Southwind Storm In Law Stables    
55     Lady Adventure Filly Don't Let'em Ladylike Volo Double R Farm    
56     Let'em Spell Class Colt Don't Let'em Spell That Wittmer Standardbreds    
57     Brookview Fire Gelding Swan For All Squeals Of Delight Brookview Farms    
58     Macroforce Filly JK Endofanera St Helena Legacy Lane Farm    
59     Help Us Help You Colt Helpisontheway Stage Presence Maple Lane Farm    
60     Done In Seven Colt JK Endofanera Star Of The Show In Law Stables    
61     Bluebird Kendel Colt Pastor Stephen Stellar Kemp Bluebird Meadows    
62     Brookview Felix Gelding Swan For All Stonebridge Peace Brookview Farms    
63     JR Sierra* Filly Real Desire Stop Traffic Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for John Lengacher Jr    
64     Someday Someway Filly JK Endofanera Storm Point Victory Hill Farm Inc., Agent    
65     JK Party Colt JK Endofanera Street Party Shady Lane Meadows, Agent    
66     Let'em In The City Colt Don't Let'em Summit City Swan Sunset Stables LLC    
67     Some More Soaring Colt Luck Be Withyou Sunflower Luckiana Farm    
68     Let'em Roll* Colt Don't Let'em Sunset Drifter Double R Farm, Agent for Sam Lambright    
69     Swan Future Colt Swan For All Canoli Oakwood Farms    
70     GV Miss Stephen Filly Pastor Stephen Swedish Babe Yoder Standardbreds, Agent    
71     Shurga Babies* Filly Fiftydallarbill Sweet Shurga Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent, Raised at Price Valley Farm Munfordville, KY    
72     Sandy Mitternacht* Filly Capt Midnight Sand Madeline Topville Acres, Agent for Nelson Slabach    
73     Premier Fine Wine* Filly Capt Midnight If I Didn't Dream Bluebird Meadows, Agent for Premier Acres    
74     Sweetasmoni Filly Dover Dan Sweetashoney Maple Lane Farm    
75     Ponda Ferarri Colt JK Endofanera Sweetnsinful Pond A Acres    
76     One Sweet JK Filly JK Endofanera Sweetsgetintheway Victory Hill Farm Inc.    
77     Swanwayoranother Colt Swan For All Talkin Tootsie Black Creek Farm    
78     TL Thunder Bolt Gelding Rockin Image Tallulah Hanover Yoder Standardbreds, Agent    
79     Pilot's Legacy Colt Pilot Discretion Tanya's Legacy In Law Stables    
80     Belle Bottoms Filly Freaky Feet Pete Tarport Belle In Law Stables, Agent    
81     JK's Summer Express Filly JK Endofanera Tell Me It's Summer Victory Hill Farm Inc.    
82     Helps Kara Filly Helpisontheway Swan Lace Oakwood Farms    
83     Sister Sadie Filly Pastor Stephen Tenacious Seelster RND Standardbreds, Agent    
84     Vel Mr Captain Colt Capt Midnight Dilly Dali Schwartz Boarding Farm    
85     Trouble Shooter Colt Swan For All The Magic Of Paris Integrity Stables    
86     Book The Fight Colt JK Endofanera Black Jack Pat Luckiana Farm    
87     This JK Rocks Colt JK Endofanera This Peach Rocks Victory Hill Farm Inc.    
88     Ponda Lambo Colt Tellitlikeitis Thou Shalt Not Pond A Acres    
89     The Family Man Colt Always A Virgin Tia Maria Hanover Lyndar Stables    
90     Flight To Broadway Colt Pilot Discretion Ticket To Broadway Bluebird Meadows, Agent    
91     Topville Caitlyn Filly JK Endofanera Topville Cadillac Topville Acres    
92     Teeling Filly Odds On Equuleus Topville Celerity Topville Acres    
93     Ezra Tony OUT Colt JK Endofanera Transit Hanover Homestead Acres, Agent for Newfound Stables
94     Hot N Heavy Colt Fiftydallarbill Tropical Trice Chapel Ridge Farm    
95     Mellanie Swan Filly Swan For All Tupelo Honey Eden Standardbreds    
96     Gold Paige* Filly Swan For All Turn The Paige Lyndar Stables, Agent for Purple Martin Acres    
97     Pilot Vic Colt Pilot Discretion Twice Too Nice In Law Stables    
98     BJ Jolene Filly Swan For All Tymal Hurricane Woodside Farm, Agent    
99     Dover Lady Filly Dover Dan Tymal Tatiana RND Standardbreds    
100     Aimin' At Glory Filly Rockin Image Fourbyfour Hanover Wilt Standardbred    
101     Herecomes Karen Filly Dover Dan Ultimate Red Aron Bontrager    
102     Shipshe Chrome Colt JK Endofanera Up Front Cruiser David Wayne Yoder, Agent    
103     Bale Or Swift Filly JK Endofanera UP Front Kellie Jo Legacy Lane Farm    
104     Unknown Author Colt Swan For All Rose Run Rae In Law Stables    
105     Misses Trend Filly Pastor Stephen Vanity Trend Mast Standardbreds, Agent    
106     Capt Cody Gelding Capt Midnight Infinite Desire David Wayne Yoder, Agent    
107     Lana's Image Filly Rockin Image Velocity Lana Chapel Ridge Farm    
108     Skyway Van Gogh Colt JK Endofanera Verbosa Hanover Slabach Bros Standardbreds    
109     Bluebird Earlybird Filly JK Endofanera Virgin Girl Bluebird Meadows    
110     Rockin Redbull* Colt Rockin Image Vodkaredbull Legacy Lane Farm, Agent for Equine Acres    
111     Double A Dallar Colt Fiftydallarbill Warrawee Vicky Double A Acres    
112     High Speed Swan Colt Swan For All Aunt Susie Victory Hill Farm Inc.    
113     Operator Colt You Know You Do Crazyasclassic Nissley Farms    
114     Midnight Excuse Filly Capt Midnight Well Excuuuse Me Luckiana Farm    
115     Hopeyaliketheshow Colt JK Endofanera Don't Forget Wilt Standardbred    
116     Lucky Stair Filly Always A Virgin Western Starlight Chapel Ridge Farm    
117     TL Rockin Terror Filly Rockin Image Wests Lucky Cam Yoder Standardbreds, Agent    
118     Vel Miss Captain Filly Capt Midnight White Metro Schwartz Boarding Farm    
119     Ponda Rocky Colt Pastor Stephen Wildflower Pond A Acres    
120     Psalm Eighty Six Colt Helpisontheway Win You Over Black Creek Farm    
121     First Vintage* Filly Freaky Feet Pete Wine Or Women Black Creek Farm, Agent for Travis S. Mitchell    
122     Dazzling Darla* Filly Don't Let'em Winherover Hanover Rockstar Meadows, Agent for James Graber    
123     Swan For the Win OUT Filly Swan For All Winning Double Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent, Raised at Price Valley Farm Munfordville, KY
124     Swan Jefe Colt Swan For All Your Majestic In Law Stables    
125     Majestic Ontheway* Colt Helpisontheway Your Matjesty Bontrager Stables, Agent for Karl Stutzman    
126     Sooz On Cruise Filly Helpisontheway You're So Fine Rollin Acres    
127     Starlit Millertime* Colt JK Endofanera Zinderella RND Standardbreds, Agent for Starlit Stables    
128     Fastlane Tessa* Filly Fiftydallarbill Zolena Meadowbrook Farm, Agent for Fast Lane Stables    
129     Martz Jak* Colt JK Endofanera A And G's Finest Rollin Acres, Agent for Martz Creek Farm    
130     Starlitfranknstein* Colt Swan For All A Southern Lily RND Standardbreds, Agent for Starlit Stables    
131     Cool Kinda Lady OUT Filly Rockin Image Active Lady RND Standardbreds
132     Swan Bon Jovi Colt Swan For All Adagio Ruddick Stables, Agent    
133     Six String Savant Filly Check Six Air Guitar Hanover Black Creek Farm    
134     Ponda Bear Colt Swan For All Magic Lindy Pond A Acres    
135     I'm Gonna Doit Colt Don't Let'em Alexandria Hanover Eden Standardbreds    
136     Bluebird Malone Colt Rockin Image All About The Pace Bluebird Meadows    
137     Topville Arthur Colt Pastor Stephen All Set Let's Go Topville Acres    
138     Aloha Summer Filly Rockin Image Always Be Mine Bontrager Stables    
139     She Is Gracefull Filly Capt Midnight Always By Grace Bluebird Meadows, Agent    
140     Vel Sharp Looking Filly JK Endofanera Kaks Shark Attack Schwartz Boarding Farm    
141     Wat A Lucky Star OUT Filly Luck Be Withyou Always Wearable Maple Lane Farm
142     Watch this Tell Filly Tellitlikeitis Watch N Be Watched Victory Hill Farm Inc.    
143     Foal Throttle Filly Swan For All Ameliosi Legacy Lane Farm    
144     Haygrlfrend Filly Always A Virgin American Image Homestead Acres    
145     Ferrante Colt Swan For All Anaffairtoremember Black Creek Farm    
146     Lucky Shady Daisy* Filly Luck Be Withyou Anastasia Shade Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for Phil Wittmer    
147     JK's Terror* Filly JK Endofanera Angel Or Terror Woodside Farm, Agent for Kevin Beechy    
148     Bluebird History Colt JK Endofanera Angels Touch Bluebird Meadows    
149     Ultimate Fantasy Filly Swan For All Midnight Fantasy Wilt Standardbred    
150     Brother Toney Colt JK Endofanera Angiesmiki Hanover David Wayne Yoder, Agent    
151     Big JK Colt JK Endofanera Anna D Eden Standardbreds    
152     Angee Jo Filly JK Endofanera Annie's Delight Integrity Stables    
153     Antigua's Image Filly Rockin Image Antigua Hanover Swiss Boarding Farms    
154     Ponda Jewel Filly Swan For All Aperfectcrystal Pond A Acres    
155     VR Swanman Colt Swan For All Miss Mayflower Oakwood Farms, Agent    
156     Bluebird Matrix Colt Capt Midnight Artiawitchtoyou Bluebird Meadows    
157     Haven Lane Star Filly Capt Midnight Ashok Ace Meadowbrook Farm, Agent    
158     Rock Shines Again Colt Rockin Image Bikini Star Victory Hill Farm Inc.    
159     Rockin Mudslinger Colt Rockin Image Ava Destruction Rangetop Stables    
160     Brookview Fireball Gelding Rockin Image Babylon Sister Brookview Farms    
161     Freekn Lighting OUT Filly Freaky Feet Pete Bad Lightning Rockstar Meadows, Agent for Double EE Meadows
162     Swanda Adventure Filly Swan For All Flower Power Ruddick Stables, Agent    
163     Better Tak'em Filly Don't Let'em Barmaid Mast Standardbreds    
164     Poppleton* Colt Don't Let'em Bar's Dutchess Brookview Farms, Agent for Joe Helmuth    
165     Don'tbatheme Filly Don't Let'em Bathnbody Bluebird Meadows, Agent    
166     Fifty To Win* Filly Fiftydallarbill Be Winnin Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent, Raised at Price Valley Farm Munfordville, KY    
167     Gloryview Lincoln* Gelding Don't Let'em One Way To Win Woodside Farm, Agent for Matt Troyer    
168     Be Happy Becky Filly Dover Dan Becky Lindy Luckiana Farm    
169     Midnight Carrie* Filly Capt Midnight Believeincarrie Maple Lane Farm, Agent for LilliVin Farm    
170     Faith N All Filly Swan For All Belive N Faith In Law Stables    
171     Premier Mayflower* Filly Capt Midnight Bella Girl Hanover Bluebird Meadows, Agent for Premier Acres    
172     Gold Piece* Filly Text Me Bella Palazzo Lyndar Stables, Agent for Purple Martin Acres    
173     Momaigotbadnews Colt JK Endofanera Best Boss Legacy Lane Farm    
174     Kountry Carrots Filly Capt Midnight Better Joy N Legacy Lane Farm    
175     JK Business Colt JK Endofanera Bettor Business Wittmer Standardbreds    
176     Bold Era Colt JK Endofanera Big Easy Hanover Integrity Stables    
177     Rockinthefastlane Filly Rockin Image Alwaysinthfastlane Victory Hill Farm Inc.    
178     Tarshish Filly Luck Be Withyou The Party's Rockin Luckiana Farm    
179     Rockin Magic Eyes Gelding Rockin Image Black Magic Eyes Snodgrass Standardbreds  
180     Bluebird PDQ Filly Capt Midnight Bluebird Love Bluebird Meadows    
181     Future Endeavors Filly Check Six Bo Tox Hanover Black Creek Farm    
182     Midnight Drinks Colt Capt Midnight Bottled Up Hanover Chapel Ridge Farm    
183     Topville Brenda Filly Pastor Stephen Brienne Of Tarth Topville Acres    
184     Two Step Lizzy Filly Don't Let'em Broadway Snowflake Hoosier Standardbred Farm    
185     Betterlikethis Colt JK Endofanera Brown Magic Woman Integrity Stables    
186     Alrighty Then Filly Swan For All Flowers N Dreams Wilt Standardbred    
187     Champion Nitehawk Colt Capt Midnight Calabresa Hanover Integrity Stables    
188     Sizesevenround Colt JK Endofanera Campanile Shady Lane Meadows    
189     Swan Alec Colt Swan For All Grammy Winner Oakwood Farms    
190     Great Volocity* Gelding Text Me Captain Megan Lyndar Stables, Agent for Purple Martin Acres    
191     Rockin Mary Filly Rockin Image Carlo's Superstar Sunset Stables LLC    
192     Cambria Filly Capt Midnight Carmen Ohio Mast Standardbreds    
193     Carol's Image Filly Rockin Image Carol's Z Tam In Law Stables    
194     Sweet Dream Woman Filly You Know You Do Cashcow Volo Nissley Farms    
195     Double A Grenade Colt Swan In A Million Casual Chick Double A Acres    
196     Bellsforall Colt Swan For All Cathedral Belle Legacy Lane Farm    
197     Aunt Fannie Filly Capt Midnight Caviart Cara Yoder Standardbreds    
198     Brookview Famous Gelding Don't Let'em Celebrity Kandy Brookview Farms    
199     Don'tcallmeangel Filly Don't Let'em Celia Hall David Wayne Yoder, Agent    
200     Sure Did Gelding You Know You Do Challax Hanover Aron Bontrager    
201     KP's Fast Flight Colt Always A Virgin Charlie Hanover Meadowbrook Farm, Agent    
202     Giant Surprise Colt JK Endofanera Miss Lizz Oakwood Farms    
203     JK Doitagain* Colt JK Endofanera Chaxiraxi Hanover Rockstar Meadows, Agent for James Graber    
204     Ponda Swan Colt Swan For All Chelsea's Chance Pond A Acres    
205     Chillax Baby Filly Fiftydallarbill Chin Chilla Hanover Chapel Ridge Farm    
206     Rita's Revenge Colt Swan For All Churita Bluebird Meadows, Agent    
207     Capt'n Chaos Colt Capt Midnight Circus Of Power Integrity Stables    
208     Skyway City Girl Filly Rockin Image City Sight Slabach Bros Standardbreds    
209     Dover Diva Filly Dover Dan CJ's Susie Aron Bontrager    
210     Cheers To That Filly JK Endofanera Petrona Blue Chip Wilt Standardbred    
211     Again Foiled OUT Gelding Rockin Image Classic Carpet Maple Lane Farm, Agent
212     Winning Vibes Gelding Don't Let'em Classic Filly Aron Bontrager    
213     Let's Set Sail Colt Dover Dan Classical Betty Homestead Acres, Agent    
214     Gabe's Cadillac Colt Luck Be Withyou Clear Character Nissley Farms    
215     Captain Cosette Filly Capt Midnight Cosette Luckiana Farm    
216     Big Swig Colt Dover Dan Weekend Wit Chucky Nissley Farms    
217     Clairvoyance Filly Muscle Massive Crimmings Victory Hill Farm Inc., Agent    
218     Spunky Jasper OUT Gelding Helpisontheway Cuddle Punk Aron Bontrager
219     Valedictorian Filly Dover Dan Cum Laude Hall Black Creek Farm    
220     Foxy Beach Filly JK Endofanera Dance Obsession Yoder Standardbreds    
221     Art Work At Night* Colt Capt Midnight Sweet Work Of Art Topville Acres, Agent for Nelson Slabach    
222     Talkin Bout Tonite Colt Dover Dan Dancehall Mistress Black Creek Farm    
223     Midnight Speed OUT Filly Capt Midnight Gate Speed Legacy Lane Farm
224     Fifty Dallar Dance Filly Fiftydallarbill Dancininthepines Hoosier Standardbred Farm, Agent    
225     Rockinatcha* Colt Always A Virgin Rockin Songbird Rangetop Stables, Agent for Silver Creek Farm    
226     Karate Girl Filly Rockin Image Dangerous Woman Chapel Ridge Farm    
227     Ponda Diamond Filly Rockin Image Mystical Treasure Pond A Acres    
228     Rockinwit Daodds Filly Odds On Equuleus Delightfull Image Nissley Farms    
229     Debbie's Helpmate Filly Helpisontheway Deliteful Debbie Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent    
230     Raindrops On Roses* Filly Rockin Image Delta Dawn Hanover Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for Ernest Graber    
231     Chanceyfascination* Colt Capt Midnight Designer Gal Homestead Acres, Agent for Jacob Miller    
232     Prevailing Swan Colt Swan For All Devine Hanover Victory Hill Farm Inc.    
233     Woodside Izz Filly Dover Dan Diamond Peak Woodside Farm    
234     Vel Cinderella Filly Keystone Velocity The Filly Princess Schwartz Boarding Farm    
235     Swan Imagination Colt Swan For All Divine Image Oakwood Farms    
236     Do Me Best Filly JK Endofanera Do Me Good Victory Hill Farm Inc.    
237     RJ Don't Peachim Colt Don't Let'em Don't Cry Debbie RND Standardbreds    
238     Dancinginherdreams Filly Capt Midnight Western Kit Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent    
239     Class Factor* Colt Rockin Image Double Dog Dare Ya Brookview Farms, Agent for Joe Helmuth    
240     Premier X Caliber* Colt Pilot Discretion Doveroto Bluebird Meadows, Agent for Premier Acres    
241     JN Rockin Damsel Filly Rockin Image Dragon Damsel Bluebird Meadows, Agent    
242     Goindownforreal Filly Rockin Image Hepburn Hanover Rockstar Meadows    
243     First Responder Colt Helpisontheway Dress For Success Ruddick Stables, Agent    
244     Let'em Go Sally* Filly Don't Let'em Earls Dixie Darlin Double R Farm, Agent for Glen Hershberger & Sam Lambright    
245     Wonforthemoney Gelding Swan For All Earls Miss Muffit In Law Stables, Agent    
246     Don't Tell Doc Filly Don't Let'em East To Cincy Bluebird Meadows, Agent    
247     Tellusasurprize* Colt Tellitlikeitis Easter Surprize Integrity Stables, Agent for Mervin E. Schwartz    
248     Ponda Help Filly Helpisontheway Elin Pond A Acres    
249     Delightfulend Colt JK Endofanera Elizabeth Bluechip Luckiana Farm    
250     Captaininthesun Colt Capt Midnight Erma La Em Bontrager Stables    
251     Skyway Empire Colt Capt Midnight Eve Marie Seelster Slabach Bros Standardbreds    
252     Morehelpforsally Filly Helpisontheway Everything N More Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent    
253     Beachofanera Colt JK Endofanera Exotic Beach Yoder Standardbreds    
254     Rollin Explosion Filly Don't Let'em Explosive G Rollin Acres    
255     Smoken Gal Filly Pilot Discretion Exuberant Gal Yoder Standardbreds    
256     Epic Passer* Filly Don't Let'em EZ Passer RND Standardbreds, Agent for Leon Bontrager    
257     Miss Midnightlight Filly Capt Midnight Fancy Miss Rangetop Stables    
258     Sassacat Filly Don't Let'em Fiery Lady Alpine Stables    
259     High Dollar Odds Gelding Fiftydallarbill Finaltab Hanover Maple Lane Farm, Agent    
260     Kristyn Nicole Filly Dover Dan Keystone Sadie Integrity Stables    
261     Swan King* Colt Swan For All Sophia Lia Integrity Stables, Agent for Clearview Stables    
262     Setting The Stage Filly JK Endofanera Balinska Hanover Lyndar Stables    
263     Dreamer's Way* Colt Helpisontheway Busy Being Dreamy Maple Lane Farm, Agent for Perry Bontrager    
264     Captain Kenny Colt Capt Midnight Fly Girl RND Standardbreds    
265     Manwithaplan Colt JK Endofanera Mystical MJ David Wayne Yoder, Agent    
266     Fools Luck Colt Luck Be Withyou Fool That I Am Chapel Ridge Farm    
267     Siesta Sandman Colt Don't Let'em Forca Barca Alpine Stables    
268     Captain Country Filly Capt Midnight Forever Country In Law Stables    
269     Little Miss Renegade* Filly JK Endofanera U R It BB Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for Ernest Graber    
270     Treacherous Valley Colt Capt Midnight Fox Valley Halsey Lyndar Stables    
271     Meadowbrook Chase Colt You Know You Do Foxy Swan Meadowbrook Farm    
272     Swan For Foxy Colt Swan For All Foxy Zette Oakwood Farms    
273     Charlize Fire* Filly Pilot Discretion Charlize Hall Topville Acres, Agent for Nelson Slabach    
274     Don't Scare Easy Filly Don't Let'em Frenzie De Vie Bluebird Meadows, Agent    
275     GW Rockin Feathers Filly Rockin Image Fuss N Feathers Pond A Acres, Agent    
276     Don't Play Games Filly Don't Let'em Game On Hanover Paul R. Lengacher    
277     Let Em Dance Filly Don't Let'em Dancin' Feelin Legacy Lane Farm    
278     Brookview Fancy Filly JK Endofanera Get Your Armor Brookview Farms    
279     Go Make Me Happy Filly Rockin Image Ghost Runner Luckiana Farm    
280     Gigi's Dream Colt Tellitlikeitis Gigi From Figi Black Creek Farm, Agent    
281     Think Fast Filly Rockin Image Ginger Tree Alexis In Law Stables    
282     JK's Girl Filly JK Endofanera Girl Boss Victory Hill Farm Inc.    
283     Haven Lane Duke Colt Swan For All Golden Muscle Meadowbrook Farm, Agent    
284     Fiftydallar Tab* Colt Fiftydallarbill Golden Tab Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent, Raised at Buckstone Farm Paris, KY    
285     Lucifermorningstar Colt JK Endofanera Goldstar Mysti Mast Standardbreds, Agent    
286     Captainofthehour* Colt Capt Midnight Gordjus Bluebird Meadows, Agent for Serenity Stables    
287     Gotthis BB Colt JK Endofanera Gotthisone Hanover Rockstar Meadows    
288     Gladiator Colt Swan For All Graceful Amy Integrity Stables    
289     Swan Jewel Filly Swan For All Karen Hanover Oakwood Farms    
290     Rocket Man's Sis Filly Rockin Image GT Miss Royal Victory Hill Farm Inc.    
291     Skyway Hugo Colt Tellitlikeitis Harper Lee Slabach Bros Standardbreds    
292     Shellyonthebeach Filly JK Endofanera Seashell Hanover Rockstar Meadows    
293     You Know His Name OUT Colt You Know You Do Hernameissylvia Victory Hill Farm Inc.
294     Magic Twilight* Filly Capt Midnight Hex Legacy Lane Farm, Agent for Equine Acres    
295     Sister's Help Filly Helpisontheway High Heels Hanover Maple Lane Farm    
296     Ponda Numeral Filly Rockin Image Hipnumberone Pond A Acres    
297     Everly Grace Filly Tellitlikeitis Hoosier Vacation Wittmer Standardbreds    
298     Pastor's Cash Gelding Pastor Stephen Seduced By Credit Eden Standardbreds    
299     Updawg Filly Swan For All Uptown Classic In Law Stables    
300     Fifty Rivers* Colt Fiftydallarbill Hudson Jesse Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent, Raised at Price Valley Farm Munfordville, KY    
301     Rufus Dufus* Colt Capt Midnight Hurricane Tinia Brookview Farms, Agent for Joe Helmuth    
302     Rock I Can Colt Rockin Image I Can Can Can Pond A Acres, Agent    
303     It's Money Colt Fiftydallarbill I Want Kandy Chapel Ridge Farm    
304     Topville Pristine Filly Rockin Image Pretty Major Topville Acres    
305     Son Of Era* Colt JK Endofanera Ideal A Little Legacy Lane Farm, Agent for Equine Acres    
306     Big Al He-He-He* Colt Tellitlikeitis Ideal Soul Homestead Acres, Agent for Jacob Miller    
307     Premier Margarita* Filly Capt Midnight Purity Bluebird Meadows, Agent for Premier Acres    
308     Thiswansaysitall Filly Swan For All Igotsomethingtosay Integrity Stables    
309     In Era's Image* Filly JK Endofanera Image Of Felicia RND Standardbreds, Agent for Leon Bontrager    
310     Rocket Pearl Filly Rockin Image VC Asteroid David Wayne Yoder, Agent    
311     Intellectual Filly Don't Let'em Infinity Stick Integrity Stables    
312     Smalltown Missy* Filly Capt Midnight Little Miss Henry Hoosier Standardbred Farm, Agent for Keith L. Wagler    
313     San Antonio Sunset Filly Always A Virgin Iva Miracle Bluebird Meadows, Agent    
314     It'samoneything OUT Colt Pastor Stephen Iwantmytwodollars Legacy Lane Farm, Agent
315     Meadowbrook Dio Filly Swan For All J As Ayd Meadowbrook Farm    
316     Ready For College Colt You Know You Do Jackie's RN Lyndar Stables    
317     Woodside Ira Colt Dover Dan Jailhouse Diva Woodside Farm    
318     Starlit Letemroll* Filly Don't Let'em Jamandra RND Standardbreds, Agent for Starlit Stables    
319     LA Charm 'Em Filly Don't Let'em JA's Charmer Topville Acres, Agent    
320     Premier Echo Point* Filly Swan For All Jayport Echo Bluebird Meadows, Agent for Premier Acres    
321     Aneraofclowns Filly JK Endofanera Jiggles The Clown Integrity Stables, Agent    
322     Westedge Went West Filly JK Endofanera JK Musicofthenite West Edge Acres    
323     Starlitwhatamemory* Filly Check Six JK Owhatanite RND Standardbreds, Agent for Starlit Stables    
324     Capt'n Caremal Colt Capt Midnight House Always Wins Eden Standardbreds    
325     Mighty Dallar Filly Fiftydallarbill Julie's Cora Chapel Ridge Farm    
326     Angelatyourfeet Filly Freaky Feet Pete Jump Jive And Jam Rockstar Meadows    
327     TNT Houdini Colt Don't Let'em Just For Fun Ruddick Stables, Agent    
328     Mae Knows It All Filly You Know You Do Kaelli Mae Victory Hill Farm Inc.    
329     Vel Mr Flashy Colt Keystone Velocity Always Flash N Schwartz Boarding Farm    
330     Swan Kade Colt Swan For All Free Wheeling Oakwood Farms    
331     Kelsey's Reason Filly Helpisontheway Kelsey Hanover Aron Bontrager    
332     Nightdividestheday Filly Capt Midnight Keystone Diamond Black Creek Farm    
333     Rockin Maddie OUT Filly Rockin Image Keystone Maddie Yoder Standardbreds
334     Fruit Snacker Colt Dover Dan First Avenue Integrity Stables    
335     Martz Seven Filly Swan For All La Mirada Rollin Acres & Martz Creek Farm    
336     CV Raptor* Colt Odds On Equuleus Lady Mystique In Law Stables, Agent for Steven W. Miller    
337     Unlimited Salary Filly Swan For All Sparkle Plenty Double R Farm    
338     Magical Rainbow Filly JK Endofanera LaFiesta Shady Lane Meadows, Agent    
339     Bluebird Ladychuck Colt Pilot Discretion Laurie's Lucky Lady Bluebird Meadows    
340     Dover's Honey* Filly Dover Dan Leah's Ex Black Creek Farm, Agent for Sunburst Meadows    
341     Fifty Dollar Dream Filly Fiftydallarbill Life Dream Hanover Hoosier Standardbred Farm    
342     Don't Light 'Em Filly Don't Let'em Light The Flame Ruddick Stables, Agent    
343     Queen Suzy Filly Dover Dan Lisa's Mission RND Standardbreds    
344     Bluebird Pastor Colt Pastor Stephen Litle Revenue Bluebird Meadows    
345     Smalltown Captain OUT Colt Capt Midnight Intended Dealings Hoosier Standardbred Farm,, Agent for Keith L. Wagler
346     Pastor Mason Colt Pastor Stephen Lola DeVie Bluebird Meadows, Agent    
347     Fastlane Rebel* Colt JK Endofanera Love To Roll Meadowbrook Farm, Agent for Fast Lane Stables    
348     Bluebird Dynasty Colt JK Endofanera Love You Always Bluebird Meadows    
349     Lovers Lane Filly Swan For All Lovely Jan Double R Farm    
350     Premier Risingstar OUT Colt Capt Midnight Royal Terror Bluebird Meadows, Agent for Premier Acres
351     Dating A Virgin Colt Always A Virgin Pacific Date Mast Standardbreds, Agent    
352     Dollar Bills Colt Fiftydallarbill Magic Babe Chapel Ridge Farm    
353     Well Dressed Swan Filly Swan For All Magic Feeling Oakwood Farms    
354     Special Pete Colt Freaky Feet Pete Alabamashakey Rangetop Stables    
355     Salsa Dance Filly Helpisontheway Majestic Presence In Law Stables, Agent    
356     Ponda Eagle Colt Capt Midnight Mandy's Mattjesty Pond A Acres    
357     Manhattan Flash Gelding Helpisontheway Manhattan Miss In Law Stables, Agent    
358     Skyway Freakshow Filly Freaky Feet Pete Marnie Hall Slabach Bros Standardbreds    
359     Luckwith Martina Filly Luck Be Withyou Martine Pond A Acres, Agent    
360     Ponda Bugatti Colt Swan For All Much Fanfare Pond A Acres    
361     RJ Wine Chip Colt JK Endofanera May Wine Blue Chip RND Standardbreds    
362     Medallicious Colt Check Six McAce Of Arts Luckiana Farm    
363     Everendofera Filly JK Endofanera McEver Wittmer Standardbreds    
364     McKenna Imagineah Filly Rockin Image McKenna Hanover Yoder Standardbreds    
365     JN Capt Ofthenight Colt Capt Midnight Mctravisty Bluebird Meadows, Agent    
366     Skyway MJ Colt Capt Midnight Megawatt Blue Chip Slabach Bros Standardbreds    
367     Cavallo OUT Filly You Know You Do Angie's Luckeylady Legacy Lane Farm
368     Ponda Model Filly Rockin Image Mikeleh Pond A Acres    
369     Jay's Dakota Gelding Rockin Image Miss Halo Shady Lane Meadows, Agent    
370     Swan Temple OUT Filly Swan For All Temple Of Heaven Oakwood Farms
371     Milk N Honey Filly Don't Let'em Arancini Nissley Farms    
372     A Sher Bet Filly Swan For All Miss Rosary Legacy Lane Farm    
373     Doodle's Legacy Colt Capt Midnight Miss Yankee Doodle Homestead Acres    
374     Help The Missus Filly Helpisontheway Missus Mia Wallace In Law Stables, Agent    
375     Machado Gelding Don't Let'em Missy Hall In Law Stables, Agent    
376     Molly's Luck Colt Luck Be Withyou Molly Gold Wittmer Standardbreds    
377     This Girl Can Sing Filly JK Endofanera Monkeys Can Sing Victory Hill Farm Inc., Agent    
378     Brookview Fern Filly Don't Let'em Montana Skies Brookview Farms    
379     Letsgotothemoon Filly Don't Let'em Moon Rocket Luckiana Farm    
380     Fifty Cents Colt Fiftydallarbill Motown Dream Girl Chapel Ridge Farm    
381     JM Gigemoansloulou Filly Capt Midnight JM Gigi E Moan Eden Standardbreds    
382     Ponda Fashion Filly Crescent Fashion Ponda's Lucky Lady Pond A Acres    
383     Pro Bono Muscle Colt Helpisontheway Muscle Baby Doll Black Creek Farm    
384     Speedy Rocket Colt Helpisontheway Muscle N Beauty Wittmer Standardbreds    
385     Princess In Pink Filly Capt Midnight Music Matters Lyndar Stables    
386     Bluebird Lola Filly Pilot Discretion My Command To You Bluebird Meadows    
387     Swan Sweet Lady Filly Swan For All My Lady Lindy Pond A Acres, Agent    
388     Bluebird Shadie Filly Capt Midnight Sha Delight Bluebird Meadows    
389     Spirt And Heart Colt Luck Be Withyou So Long My Love Luckiana Farm    
390     Mr Jared Colt Capt Midnight Mystic Karissa Integrity Stables    
391     LA Rockin Place Colt Rockin Image Pretty Place Topville Acres, Agent    
392     Ponda Pert Filly Helpisontheway Mystical Starlight Pond A Acres    
393     Ponda Let'em Colt Don't Let'em Matter Of Days Pond A Acres    
394     Chandler Bing Colt Tellitlikeitis Northern Beauty Yoder Standardbreds    
395     Peaceful Warrior* Colt Don't Let'em Northern Courtney Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent for Lucas Graber    
396     Outlaw Andrew Colt Don't Let'em Northern Daisy Luckiana Farm    
397     Need Cash Now Filly Dover Dan Nowerland Firebird Luckiana Farm    
398     Markgetsetgo Colt Rockin Image Nutmegs Yankee Chapel Ridge Farm    
399     Fifty's Party Ball Colt Fiftydallarbill Oakwood Tea Party Wittmer Standardbreds    
400     Hemeraville Filly JK Endofanera Odds On Hemera Black Creek Farm    
401     Our Magical Hero Colt Don't Let'em Oh My Magic Integrity Stables    
402     Woodside Iofatiger Colt JK Endofanera Beach Story Woodside Farm    
403     Luxury Virgin Colt Always A Virgin Luxury Goods Mast Standardbreds, Agent    
404     Glacier Springs* Filly Swan For All Passionate Miss Rollin Acres, Agent for White Pine Farms    
405     Twofiftychamp Colt Fiftydallarbill Peachy Georgia Rollin Acres, Agent    
406     Southern Commando OUT Filly Pilot Discretion Penny Paratrooper In Law Stables
407     Simsam Gelding Fiftydallarbill Petra Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent    
408     Classical Jane Filly Swan For All Class Angel Mast Standardbreds    
409     Passing Through Gelding Don't Let'em Pine Creek Double R Farm    
410     Homerumcaptain Colt Don't Let'em Pink Tulip Luckiana Farm    
411     Plenty O'Rock Filly Rockin Image Plenty O'Toole Yoder Standardbreds    
412     Ponda Guidedog Colt Dover Dan De Lioness Pond A Acres    
413     Pray For Dallars* Filly Fiftydallarbill Pray With Me Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent, Raised at Buckstone Farm Paris, KY    
414     Airborne Spark* Gelding Rockin Image Precision Hanover Rollin Acres, Agent for White Pine Farms    
415     Topville Idella Filly Dover Dan I Will Take Credit Topville Acres